"I've been having a hard time finding some movies that went out of print. Thanks to your service, I found them - as well as some other old classics!"

Oliver Elliot, MO

 "This is great! I own lots of DVDs, but I hate taking them out of the cases - they're so easy to damage! With your service, I can just make backups on cheap CDs."

 Lynn Peters, NV

"I've had a lot of trouble with other services, but yours just works! No more headaches, trying to find that one movie that no one seems to have. Thanks, guys!"

 Matt Schmidt, NM

"You can't beat the convenience. It's so much easier than driving to the video store. Thanks, guys, you've made my day that much better!"

Cammy Franklin, IN

"My dog chewed up a couple of my brand new DVDs. I thought my weekend was doomed to boredom, but then I signed up to your service, and now things are looking good again!"

Blake Castillo, FL



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